MICEE Portal website released today

July 7, 2012

The CardioVascular Research Grid is pleased to announce launch of the Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment (MICEE) portal

https://www.micee.org/. MICEE is a reporting standard developed by an international group of cardiovascular researchers (60 investigators at over 40 institutions) deemed necessary for complete description, reproduction, and utilization of published cardiac experimental electrophysiology data. Following manuscript publication, researchers may complete the forms at this site to more fully describe experimental protocols.  Descriptions are linked with the published article. Registered users may also enter comments on the MICEE schema standard itself, as well as view others' comments. To request an account for the MICEE site, click here. We welcome your feedback as we work to build and extend the MICEE resource.

MICEE Portal Data Entry