CVRG connects NIH to CILogon

April 20, 2012

Through efforts coordinated by the CVRG’s Program Manager, Stephen Granite, members of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) can now sign-in to CILogon. CILogon is an NSF CyberInfrastructure project that enables researchers to authenticate at their home organization via the InCommon federation.

The InCommon federation provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education institutions, and their partners, in the United States. The CVRG itself has developed a Liferay extension, to integrate CILogon’s Portal Delegation into the CVRG Portal. Since the extension is to Liferay itself, it can be used by other groups that have implemented Liferay as their portal environment. More details on that can be found on CILogon's website.

CILogon authentication pathway
Illustration of CILogon authentication pathway

The CVRG would like to thank Ravi Madduri and other members of Ian Foster’s team, for introducing the CVRG to CILogon. The CVRG would also like to thank Jim Basney, Terry Fleury and Jeff Gaynor, for developing CILogon, providing the CVRG with guidance on the CILogon/CVRG Portal integration and assisting in bringing NIH into CILogon. Finally, the CVRG would like to thank Dr. Jennie Larkin of NHLBI and Sandeep Sathyaprasad, Chris Leggett and other members of NIH/CIT, for creating/fulfilling the request to add NIH to CILogon.